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We check the scenarios associated with given infrastructure in the event of failure of one of the elements, redundancy switching, and failure notification alerts.

We perform comprehensive stress tests for the carried out installations.

Consultancy services with respect to the scope of compliance of the proposed solutions and calculations required to meet Client demands.


Post-Deployment Services:


  • Relating to infrastructure maintenance

  • Technical inspections

  • Warranty and post-warranty services

  • SLA for maintaining continuity of service

  • Security system testing

  • Installation/systems audits and audits of changes implemented in facilities





usługi powdrożeniowe data center
manager data center

We provide services relating to construction management and oversight connected with the planning and execution of infrastructural investments and the last 3 years of work were mainly in the field of building modular or containerised Data Centre solutions.


Usługi Project Managera Data Center

We are very often involved in Data Center infrastructure construction projects in the areas of:


  • construction of general and guaranteed power supply - in our team we have 2 designers with full authorizations (without limitations)
  • extinguishing and detection systems - 2 designers (+ sanitary branch)
  • sanitary systems - 2 designers with full authorizations in construction (without limitations)
  • construction design - 2 designers with construction authorizations team of electricians with implementation experience on international projects in locations Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Milan
  • team realizing commissioning services in complete scopes - power, guaranteed power supply, fire extinguishing installations, air conditioning and ventilation, operation of BMS type systems



We perform investment supervision services for the client in the areas of management:


  • supervision of the general contractor - general management services
  • project financial management - cost manager
  • inspector services - inspector management
  • project management services - PM contract
  • acceptance services - government occupancy permitting services


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Data Centre Project Manager Services

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