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This is a central point for the control or monitoring of events in the server room and accompanying infrastructure. A BMS system (application, control, computer) in many cases allows for fast identification of potential risks in the server room infrastructure. The functionality is mainly used in air-conditioning systems as well as base and uninterruptible power supply systems.



BMS - Building Management System

Management Systems - BMS

Systemy zarządzania - BMS
Building Management System

The application itself ensures:

  • Monitoring the operations of the air-conditioners, e.g., in the UPS and server rooms
  • Temperature (including humidity) measurements in rooms
  • Controlling the operation of humidifiers in precision air-conditioning units
  • Monitoring water leaks under the technical flooring (fluid leak detector)
  • Monitoring the operation of air handling units supplying fresh (processed) air


PLANT VISOR PRO – Supervisory and Monitoring System:

  • Remote monitoring of the parameters of precision air-conditioning units
  • Monitoring the parameters of air-conditioners
  • Monitoring the operation of the inlet valve and fluid leak detector
  • Monitoring the operation of the air handling units
  • Alarm management
  • Text message alert system
  • Collection of measurement data
  • Change of default parameter settings on device


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bezpieczeństwo systemów informatycznych

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