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Modular technical flooring systems are key when managing air flow and control in buildings. Too low a technical floor net height will limit access to cool air for the IT equipment. Air-conditioning can have spare capacity but too low a floor height will limit the cooling capacity.


Country of Manufacture: Poland, Germany; Sale: wholesale and retail and through a distributor network; Standards, approvals, and certification: ISO 9001 and 9002, ISO 18001, ITB Technical Approval, ITB Certificate of Conformity with PN for each floor type; Studies carried out by the Building Research Institute, Instal Lublin; Declarations of Conformity.

Raised floor applications:

In facilities requiring under-floor electrical, power, logistic or ventilation installations (e.g., offices, control rooms, telephone switchboards, high voltage switching stations, and IT rooms, etc.)

  • Office and IT facilities
  • Data centres, server rooms
  • Bank operations rooms
  • Low and high voltage switchboards
  • Switch towers and control rooms
  • Railway control rooms
  • Radio and television studios
  • Exhibition space
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and higher education institutions

Additional system elements - ACCESSORIES:


We offer a wider range of installation accessories for raised floors:

  • Suction cup - for lifting PVC and carpet floor tiles
  • Ramp (reinforced for transporting heavy equipment and machinery) or the standard option to move technical equipment and devices into the facility
  • Stairs and steps to facilities with non-slip tread cover protection and made in accordance with OHS standards
  • Skirting boards
  • Floor cable trays (cable ducts of any dimension) made of galvanised steel elements secured against fire and meeting fire protection standards
  • Cable bushings: steel, PVC, galvanised for office and technical facilities
  • KWP-family air ventilation grilles with dimensions ranging from 350 x 160 to 600x600 mm - available with louvre option regulating the air direction and flow rate and also in a different version
  • Device support structures (UPS, AIR-CONDITIONING, SWITCHING STATION): system, individual
  • Electraplan Junction boxes (electrical wiring) with the option of supplying with electrical fittings and accessories
  • Acoustic screens creating acoustic zones
  • Fire barriers creating fire protection zones
  • Special passages
  • Leak detection (under-floor system)


Floor panel material:

  • Highly compressed resin particle board with a density ranging from 650 to 750 kg/m3, conductive version with a conductive side panel; 0.2mm thick aluminium-coated film from below, with galvanised steel 0.5 mm thick
  • Lime and gypsum board (calcium sulphate anhydrite), cellulose-reinforced with a density of 1500 kg/m3
  • Aluminium made as an die cast aluminium alloy, strongly ribbed underneath,
  • Concrete - floor panel made from specially produced light concrete, with a steel trough edge finishing protecting the floor edges and guaranteeing maximum floor panel stability. Every floor panel is additionally reinforced with a steel mesh (1 mm thick wires) to increase the load carrying capacity of the floor system; floor panel dimensions: 600x600x32.5 mm;
  • Stone panels are available and made to order.


Edge protection: all floor panels (except aluminium panels) have bevel edge PVC film protection with the logo of the producer


Finishing: antistatic, conductive, insulating PVC flooring Carpet flooring available as tiles of 500x500 mm, parquet, stone, stoneware, laminate, without covering

Facilities on the construction work stage:

  • Floor installation work can be carried out on relatively uneven surfaces
  • Fast turnaround
  • Dry assembly using adhesive and screws
  • Land surfaces do not require levelling or screeds
  • Easy assembly ensures fast work progress exceeding technologies used to date, which can be carried out even in the most challenging construction site environments, especially in modernised buildings

User Advantages:

  • All systems can be quickly and easily mounted with later unrestricted and easy access
  • Only environmentally-friendly materials are used to produce and assemble the flooring, confirmed by Polish Institute of Hygiene attestations and certificates
  • The right raised floor meets all the relevant strength, durability, fire protection, antistatic, and acoustic requirements.
  • Under-floor revision and supplementary work can be carried out at any place
  • The function of the facility can be quickly changed by altering the number of location of installation boxes


An example of technical flooring, air ducts, ventilation grilles, and air-conditioning

The floor gratings are a key element in the correct distribution of cool air from under the technical floor to the area where the cool air is drawn in from the front of the rack cabinet. In terms of a size breakdown - we have several types of floor gratings, the most commonly used in terms of size are 600 x 600 mm, while 300 x 600 mm are less common. The gratings can also have louvres that limit or direct the flow of air. It is important to select the right type of grating and openings that will either limit the flow of air during distribution or maximise the availability of cool air.

Modular technical flooring systems

Technical flooring

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