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The technical flooring presented on the photos above have been used mainly in commerce, e.g.:

- Hotels

- Car showrooms

- Dental surgeries

- Museums and art galleries

- Technological centres

- Fitness clubs and gyms, etc.

- Sea-going vessels

- Historical buildings

- Public buildings

- Administrative centres

- Shops and stores and high-end commercial facilities



High quality commercial floors that deliver the highest aesthetics and enable standard and non-standard approaches to the creation of technical spaces on traditional raised floors for server rooms and technical facilities.


All the solutions are agreed in advance with the Client and tailored to their needs, the space and size constraints, as well as style and aesthetic requirements. Excellent for spaces where the building infrastructure has to be hidden to achieve top-end aesthetics.

Special floors for car showrooms or spaces requiring the ultimate in aesthetics


Technical flooring - VIP

Podłogi techniczne - VIP
podłogi techniczne
realizacji podłóg technicznych



Size of modular floor panels




Due to their very nature and the available installation options, we are capable of supplying technical flooring prepared in modular versions tailored to the required installation needs and available surface area.

The finishing is agreed with the Client based on individual needs.

The height usually ranges from 5 to 100 cm, and 120 cm is also admissible in certain cases.

This type of flooring allows the whole of the technological infrastructure to be carried out, encompassing warm air supply to open spaces, power systems or other specialist systems requiring rapid technological access. Hence, many accessories used in the assembly of such modular flooring are made to ensure instant access and customisability that meets the fast-changing needs of the Client.

This type of flooring is often used in car showrooms, allowing for fast adaptation of the facility to showcase new cars or change and adjust the lighting options.

A particular advantage is the fact that all the electrical wiring or heating systems can be arranged as required, they remain hidden from view, and do not need lengthy conversion work that could also entail closing the facility down for some time.

Several car showrooms, dental clinics, and smart offices offering high-tech workspaces have already benefited from our services. The conversion work that was required allowed us to carry out the work at night, outside office hours, for it to be ready and up and running in the morning in a completely different arrangement.

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